Make your own flavor!

A new era in juice dispensing

SandenVendo has been a pioneer in the cold drink vending industry for decades; it excels in innovation, durability and serviceability.
It now introduces a revolution in juice dispensing.

G-Caffè Coffee server

A smart choice

Pure elegance in extremely simple design.
The large selection dial gives you complete control to create your favourite break time experience.
Make your coffee moment as precious as possible.

Table Top Espresso

A flavored moment of the day

The state-of-the-art Coffee Server by SandenVendo makes the
coffee-making and serving ritual a very special experience.

Hospitality professionals

Today, SANDEN offers hotel professionals a wide range of versatile solutions, allowing them to deliver the best possible customer service while achieving high energy savings.
SANDEN delivers global excellence, reliability, quality and ecology that hoteliers can pass on to their guests.